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Respectful and Passionate Collaboration with all our Stakeholders since 1997

Our Customers

We are supplying customers with all sizes in the Life Sciences and numerous other Industries as well as research organisations all over the world.

Our Manufacturing Partners

R&D joint venture in Nanjing China including cooperated pilot
and commercial production unit at Nanjing.

Unique worldwide CRAMS (CRO/CMO/CMDO) partner network for
all scales and quality/production standards
(GMP/non-GMP or meeting other standards).

Moreover we are representing various other
Chinese, Indian, Japanese, American and European
commercial production partners on certain markets under
corresponding agreements.

We are also trading with some intermediates and raw materials
from companies like Arxada (Lonza), Evonik, Solvay, BASF and Sasol.

Promoting start-up companies that provide products/services for further improvement of the good health or protection of our environment.

Indis Group

Exclusive Member for Switzerland.
INDIS Group is a trading group consisting of like-minded companies, based across the world, who leverage their combined strengths and capabilities to provide unmatched global solutions for their customers in their respective markets. www.indisgroup.com

Swiss Food Research

Swiss Food Research is the largest innovation network in the Swiss agro-food space.

As an association with over 190 members from research institutions, companies and start-ups as well as national and international partner networks, we effectively drive innovation in the agro-food ecosystem through knowledge and technology transfer. www.swissfoodresearch.ch/en 


scienceindustries is the Swiss Business Association Chemistry Pharma Life Sciences. More than 250 companies within the chemical, pharmaceutical, life sciences and other science-based industries operating in Switzerland are members. scienceindustries is a significant member of economiesuisse, the umbrella organization of the Swiss economy.


Our large network of Reliable and Carefully selected Partners is the Key to our Success