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Custom Products

Custom Made Products as per Your Needs

Since 1997 we have developed more than 2500 high quality products for our partners.

We are offering a reliable, comprehensive and transparent service for:

Custom / Contract Manufacturing / Tolling (CRAMS/CMO)
Custom synthesis on FTE & FFS service model (CRO)
Literature and Patent Research
Process Research
Process Development
Bench-Scale Lab, Kilo Lab and Pilot Plant Development
Process Optimization
Commercial manufacturing

Product Categories

Fine Chemicals
Intermediates / KSM / RSM
Niche APIs / NCE's

Improved quality materials
Products made by more eco-friendly process

Quality and Project Management

Some of our worldwide implemented QM and project management processes includes:

Intellectual Property and Confidentiality
Robust IP process to safeguard and maintain confidentiality
IP generated for the projects will be completely owned by client and will be transferred to the client
SOP driven IP and LNB audit procedures are in place
Every client and project tracked by the unique code

Quality Management
Adherence to Quality SOP’s
Stringent and systematic controls on data generation
Periodical trainings on quality improvement systems

Data Security
Chemical Tracking System (CTS)
Compound Management System (CMS)
Projects are blind coded and used for communication tracking
Security enabled facility
Information is strictly on a need to know basis

Regular updates
Weekly/bi-weekly conferences, WebEx and written reports describing efforts and progress
Regular internal audit
Meetings at regular intervals to evaluate progress of the project

Laboratory Notebook (LNB)
LNB SOP’s are followed strictly at all times
All experimental details along with results and spectroscopic data are recorded daily in LNB as per SOP

Compliance offerings

Compliance offerings

  • cGMP (pharma), Pharmacopeia grades, US-FDA / EMA accredited facilities
  • cGMP (food), Food grade, FCC, Kosher, Halal, HACCP, non-GMO, Vegan
  • GMP+ (feed)
  • ISO 900x

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