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Dimethyl sulfoxide

Dimethyl sulfoxide

Popularly knowns by its acronym DMSO, is an organosulfur compound. It  is an aprotic polar solvent, a mild oxidant, and a common ligand in co-ordination chemistry. Its versatility lies in the fact that it can dissolve polar as well as non-polar solutes and hence it is a special solvent in organic syntheses. Its utility is further due to its low cost, low toxicity, and stability.

It is manufactured by oxidation of dimethyl sulfide by either oxygen or nitrogen dioxide.

Synonyms Dimethyl sulfur oxide
CAS no. 67-68-5
EINECS no. 200-664-3
Molecular formula    C2H6OS
Molecular weight 78.13



Test Unit Specifications
Crystallization point °C Min 18.10
Acid value mg KOH/g   Max 0.03
Transmittance at 400nm      % Min 96.0
Refractive Index at 20 °C   1.4775 – 1.4790
Moisture % Max 0.1
Purity % Min 99.90

The product is stored at ambient temperature

225 kg MS drum