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Manufacturing Services China


Together with our longstanding network of carefully selected CHINESE associates, joint ventures and unique subcontractors (CRO/CDMO) that are fully committed to comply with our various agreements and policies we are offering a reliable, comprehensive and transparent service for:

Custom / Contract Manufacturing / Tolling (CRAMS/CMO)
Custom synthesis on FTE & FFS service model (CRO)
Literature and Patent Research
Process Research
Process Development
Bench-Scale Lab, Kilo Lab and Pilot Plant Development
Process Optimization
Commercial manufacturing

Core Technologies

Scales ranging from milligrams to multi-ton quantities depending on molecule and requirements.

Asymmetric synthesis
Azide reaction
Carbohydrate chemistry
Catalytic air oxidation
Cross coupling reaction
Enzymatic catalytic reaction
Fluorination (HF, KF, DAST, NFSI, …)
Friedel-Crafts reactions
Grignard reaction
Hetercyclic chemistry
High pressure reactions
Lithium chemistry
Low temperature reactions
Nucleoside chemistry

Highlight for Large Scale Manufacturing

Flow chemistry
Hydrogenation Loop Reactor
Niration Pipeline Reactor
Capacity: approx. 1000 MT/ year

Phytochemicals / Extracts / Natural APIs

Extensive expertise in:
R&D and manufacturing of high quality
phytochemicals, extracts
and natural active pharmaceutical ingredients including

Experimental study, isolating various active ingredients
from herbs for preclinical early activity screening.

CMC study, pilot scale production for clinical trials I and II.

Commercial production, DMF support, API in line with e.g. FDA requirements

Compliance offerings

Compliance offerings

  • cGMP (pharma), Pharmacopeia grades, US-FDA / EMA accredited facilities
  • cGMP (food), Food grade, FCC, Kosher, Halal, HACCP, non-GMO, Vegan
  • GMP+ (feed)
  • ISO 900x