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Due to close cooperation with many pharmaceutical companies we are used to work on high quality standards during all processes. Our facilities are not GMP certified yet but are having implemented a synonymical quality system within our engineering center and incorporated factory.

This page gives you a brief extract of the equipment within our incorperated lab, pilot plant and manufacturing site.

- Low temperature reactor (-78°C to 2LT)
- Agilent1100 HPLC
- Agilent6890 GC
- 5973 GC/MS

- Multi-functional pilot plant including high-pressure workshop
- Various reactors / autoclaves in different sizes 
- Low temperature reactors available for various scales

- Various reactors / autoclaves (stainless steel, titanium lined) in different sizes up to 4000LT are available
- High pressure and low temperature reactors available for various scales

A lot of additonal equipment is available.

Larger capacity or GMP certified facilities for corresponding projects are available within our audited manufacturing partner network in China or other countries.